Jesus: the Wisdom of Elevation

12 July 2014 19:00 to 19 July 2014 14:00
Chisholme House, Scottish Borders TD9 7PH

£375 or £165 (non-res)

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To follow the Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Symposium (Oxford, May 24-25), entitled Jesus and Mary: A mystical perspective, the Beshara School will hold a week long study course at Chisholme House. 

The week will be a contemplation of Jesus and Mary according to Ibn 'Arabi, through a careful and in-depth reading of the fass of Jesus, known as the 'Wisdom of Elevation', from the Fusus al-Hikam. The text is demanding and is perhaps best approached in a spirit of joyful enquiry and surrender. The reading will be complemented with converse and meditation, guided walks and, according to inclination, work in the kitchen or garden. The week is open to all, though some prior study of Ibn 'Arabi is recommended.

The course will be led by Peter Young, the Principal of the Beshara School.

Accommodation:  More about student facilities

Timing: It starts at supper time (7pm) on Saturday evening and runs until the following Saturday after lunch (about 2pm).

The Location is Chisholme House, a beautiful, secluded estate on the edge of open moorland, deep in the hills of the Scottish Borders. Its spacious grounds, comfortable facilities and attention to detail provide the perfect environment for contemplative practice. It is roughly an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, Newcastle and Carlisle, with a regular bus service from Edinburgh and Carlisle to Hawick, the nearest town.


  • Residential: £375 including full board and lodging for seven nights
  • Non-residential: £165 including lunch and refreshments

Note on course fees: There are no standard concessions offered on most courses, because the fees are already kept as low as possible. However, we do try to ensure the courses are accessible to those on low incomes, so please write to to enquire about reduced course fees or bursary possibilities if you would find the cost of a course prohibitive.

Booking: If you are interested in attending, then please use the online booking form (orange 'book your place' button above) or contact the secretary / call +44 (0)1450 880215.

Do not hesitate to write to us, if you would like any additional information.

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