Esoteric Education

Reality, which is ultimately one, is observable in the world all around us. But there is also a deeper, subtle dimension, hidden behind the appearances. Its hidden aspect is the unity of all existence. This is the real being and identity of all we can see, hear, touch or even think about.

Whatever we know of reality falls into these two categories, that is, our knowledge of the exterior world, and knowledge of its hidden interior. While exterior knowledge is to know about something, esoteric knowledge is to know it from itself, from within.

Most of our school or university education leads to knowledge about the world in its various aspects - science, mathematics, languages etc. An esoteric education leads to knowledge of the self, of the real identity and the unity behind the various aspects.

Esoteric education addresses the question: who is learning?

The true aim of esoteric education is union, the realization in oneself of the unity of existence.

Esoteric education is an in-depth system of learning and development towards union, contained within each of us. The Beshara School provides the context, assistance and means for such self-enquiry.


What am I?
Only a place in which reality sees itself;
A place of conscious joining-up;
A place of real effective action
which flows from this place of knowing
that I really have no existence of my own at all;
simply a place of vision
in between any two points
                            Peter Young, Principal Beshara School


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