'There is only One Existence, therefore the unfolding of the destiny of the world as a global entity, and the individual destiny, is indissolubly interrelated.'
Bulent Rauf

Beshara concerns the absolute unity of existence and the implications of this unity for each of us and for the world as a whole.

The Beshara School is an in-depth, contemporary educational service. It provides a living and dynamic context for the development of an enduring awareness of the unity of being and our place within it.

It is for those who are convinced of our potential as human beings for goodness and positive effect on this earth, and who wish to be of service to it and to love and to learn.



Latest News

Colin Tudge

Posted on ~ Jul 23, 2014

Colin Tudge returns to Chisholme House with a fascinating talk

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Beshara Lecture 2014

Posted on ~ Jun 11, 2014

The Edinburgh lecture, with vibrant panel discussion – video now available. 

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tile design

Posted on ~ Apr 27, 2014

Extract from the chapter on Jesus in Ibn 'Arabi's 'Fusus al Hikam'

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